Vote NO on Prop B

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Voting Information

We absolutely must reduce homelessness in Austin. Proposition B does nothing to address homelessness. It is a cruel attempt by Republican strategists at "Save Austin Now" to lock up homeless Austinites instead of helping them. Prop B would put in place hefty fines and potential jail time for simply being homeless, without providing any housing, health care, or services. Let’s support real solutions to homelessness, not cruel and ineffective fines and jail time.

Vote NO on Prop B on Election Day, Saturday May 1st.

The Quick Facts

Prop B would make it a criminal offense to simply be a person experiencing homelessness. Prop B does not provide any housing or services.

  • The real solution is housing. The alternative to Prop B is permanent supportive housing. You can join our push to reduce homelessness by 75% in Austin by making a #NoOnPropB commitment here.
  • The front-line fighters agree. Those who directly serve homeless Austinites like Community First!, ECHO, and Caritas know housing-first works. That’s why they are against the cruel punishments in Prop B.
  • Prop B is a Republican effort. Prop B was created by Republican Party front group "Save Austin Now".
  • Prop B is not a "camping ban." Merely appearing to be living in public space is itself a criminal offense, no tent required.
  • Prop B does not address violent crime. The victims of homeless perpetrators of violent crimes are nearly seventy-five percent homeless themselves. These victims are not served or protected by criminalizing their very existence.
  • Prop B does not work. When laws similar to Prop B were once on the books in Austin, police wrote tens of thousands of criminal citations to Austinites experiencing homelessness. Research has shown that those tens of thousands of citations did not reduce homelessness. In fact, they made the problem worse.


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